When is the best time to visit Vermont?

Any time is the best time! Here in Vermont, we aren’t just about snow: we recognize four
distinct seasons (with a few extra in between) and we rely heavily on the weather. Typically,
Killington opens for skiing in early November but is limited to more advanced skiing and riding.
When the season picks up more in December and January, more trails on the mountain are
opened and as we are gifted with some winter storms. February and March are when Killington
is hit with a lot of winter blizzards, allowing for some amazing powder days. Being that
Killington has the longest season in the East, we can usually keep skiing all the way to June.
April to May is considered our mud season- the snow melt and spring rain cause trails to become
very muddy. During this time, hiking and biking is closed to avoid deep ruts and serious damage
to trails. Memorial Day is when summer activities kickoff with biking, hiking and climbing.
Paddling and swimming begin once the water reaches appropriate weather. The end of
September to Mid-October brings fall foliage, washing the Killington Area in a flood of colors.
Late October and early November-after the leaves have all fallen- is known as “stick season.”
This is when everyone waits patiently for the snow to arrive and for the season to start again.

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