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The Killington Pico Area Association is the best place for newcomers and long-established business people alike to get involved in the Killington community and make a difference.  Subscribe to our newsletter to get the most up-to-date information on volunteer opportunities.

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Other events that currently require volunteers:


Killington Wine Festival

Friday 7/20/2018 - Sunday 7/22/2018 | Killington Resort

Volunteer details TBA.


Volunteering at the KPAA

If you have a special skill that can benefit the KPAA, let us know.  We've had members fullfil their Merchant Pass volunteer hours in a variety of unique ways such as utilizing photography and editing skills, providing technical support, and getting involved in special construction projects.  If you have a skill that can benefit the KPAA, reach out to Mike Coppinger,

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