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The Killington Pico Area Association

Committed to the economic growth & vitality of businesses & tourism in the Killington region.

The Killington Pico Area Association has been representing businesses & organizations in the Killington region for over 35 years.  Membership with the Killington Pico Area Association creates many opportunities that will benefit you, your business & your employees.  We provide numerous avenues to increase your business through marketing & community involvement.


As a KPAA member, you will be eligible to participate in exclusive member-only promotions, advertising opportunities & consumer shows.  There are also many opportunities for networking & business promotion among area business people. Additionally, you will receive our weekly E-newsletter filled with current & future happenings – a great tool for both you & your staff. Learn more about the benefits of joining.


Organizational Bylaws

As a membership organization, the Killington Pico Area Association believes it's important that our members have full access to the rules governing our organization.  Updated in 2015 and available for your review, our bylaws are the central documents defining how our organization is operated.


Our Welcome Center guest book has been filled and we wanted to share some of the most unique hometowns listed. Click here to see them!


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