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TitleLast Skiing of the Season
Place nameKillington Resort
Date start05-25-2018 09:00p (297 Days Ago)
Date end05-26-2018 04:00p (296 Days Ago)

The final weekend of the longest season in the East is approaching, Killington fans. The Superstar Express Quad will reopen for skiing and riding on Friday, May 25 at 9:00 a.m. for the final two days of this 187 day season.The grooming team has worked hard throughout the year and will continue to work hard for top to bottom skiing on Friday and Saturday – but it is not guaranteed.  We will spin the lifts Friday and Saturday – even if walking is required with Saturday being the final ski day of the season. Lift tickets for Friday and Saturday will be $29 per day, all ages – no online sales. Be sure to check back on Thursday afternoon for the latest conditions updates.

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